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Before we kick-off 2015, thank you to all of the birders and supporters who participated in the 2014 Manomet Bird-a-Thon.

New to the Manomet Bird-a-Thon? Get ready to have some fun birding while raising money for banding, banders, and a sustainable future...and it's easy!

How it works: Manomet's 37th Bird-a-Thon will take place from September 12th through 13th, 2015--over a 48 hour period (so, feel free to bird all night!). During those 48 hours you or your team identify as many bird species as possible, either by sight or sound. Have friends, family, co-workers, local businesses, and anybody else you know support this vital work (and get in on the fun) by sponsoring you.

Have your sponsors give to you/your team online through your own your Bird-a-Thon page--powered by WeDidIt!. If you are getting sponsored per species, or just want to go old school we have supporting printable pages to fundraise in-person.

Anyone donating or raising $250 or more will receive a limited edition Manomet Bird-a-Thon t-shirt.

Everything you need to Bird-a-Thon:

What your dollars do. Every dollar you raise through the Manomet Bird-a-Thon supports Manomet's Banding Lab and Bander Intern Program. Learn more about what it's like to be a Manomet Spring Bander.

Raise $700 and you'll fund a Bander for 1 season

Raise $200 and you'll fund a Banding Intern for 1 season

Raise $80 and you will underwrite the cost of 1 mist net - we go through 50 a year!

Every April, since 1969, Manomet has welcomed four+ spring banders at its headquarters—where they reside for nine weeks in “the dorm” located above the Banding Lab. The 4+ fall banders are in residence from mid-August to mid-November, and will be the Bird-a-Thon team to beat! Since the Banding Lab’s inception, approximately 373,000 land birds have had their data recorded.

The data improves our ability to understand and address long-term population decline. Manomet scientists and banders host numerous school groups each season, teaching them about migratory birds and the impacts of climate change, with more than a thousand visitors coming through the program each year. 

We rely on our supporters, like you, to continue this legacy and this long running dataset, which provides a scientific foundation for change. Banding is also one way we connect people to nature, providing a unique opportunity to experience nature and climate change firsthand. 

Through the Banding Lab, we are honored to work with schools and other research organizations to help children understand the importance of nature as they become the next generation of decision-makers.

Bird-A-Thon: A History

2015 will mark the 37th year of this Manomet annual event!

In 1979, Banding Director Trevor Lloyd-Evans was brainstorming ways to raise funds for the fledgling banding operation. Drawing on the traditions of his native Britain, Lloyd-Evans suggested a Bird-a-Thon.

Almost four decades later, the Bird-a-Thon continues as one of the Manomet Banding Lab’s enduring traditions.

The event has included expert birders and first time adventurers, as well as super teams of banding alumni participating all over the globe.

About Manomet

Creating a thriving and prosperous world with finite resources is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

To solve a problem this big most people will need to be a part of the solution. The good news is, the vast majority of people want a thriving future and are willing to act.

By applying science and engaging people, Manomet provides practical ways to act. As a result, Manomet is showing how we can create a thriving and prosperous world.

At Manomet we believe people can live and work today in ways that will enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow.

A nonprofit grounded in science, Manomet’s experts lead implementation of better practices in conservation, business sustainability, and science education in the U.S. and internationally.

For more information on the 2015 Bird-a-Thon, please contact: 

Johanna Lawrence, Development & Executive Affairs Manager 

(508) 224-6521 or [email protected] 

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