by Manomet, Inc.

Please join us in making Manomet’s Banding Deck accessible for all with the addition of approximately 150 square feet and a ramp—for the benefit of school groups, staff, board members, and guests.  The lack of accessibility is troubling to Manomet, resulting in entire school groups unable to participate and preventing us from hosting outreach events on-site.

A very important fact to take note of—if one child in a class cannot access the banding lab, the entire trip must be cancelled. Creating an accessible Banding Lab Deck opens up the experience to more than just a number of individuals—classes of more than 20 children each will now be able to attend a Banding Lab trip. And many students have told us this is the highlight of their year.

Banding Deck Improvements: The banding deck is an integral part of the Landbird Conservation Program. The existing deck does not have access for those with disabilities or sufficient space to comfortably host our education programs. We will remove the deck and re-build a new public deck space with proper access via a new ramp. This project will add approximately 150 square feet.

Who will benefit from this project? Approximately 1,100 students and hundreds of Manomet members, donors and visiting public will benefit from this project annually. 

Science education has been at Manomet's core since the beginning. The Landbird Conservation Program and our outreach events are two examples of how Manomet engages people in living sustainably in a world with finite resources. Scientists working in the Landbird Conservation Program have been monitoring spring and fall migrant landbirds since the late 1960s. Visitors learn about the birds, their migrations and their changing habitat. This program is sought after by schools, even more so now that we have received National Science Foundation funding for Climate Lab.

Please consider a donation and help provide a transformative experience for children, and adults as well.

It is only with generosity of spirit, and a shared vision, that we can forge the path to a sustainable future. With you, there is hope for root-cause solutions that empower all of us to create a healthy world. We hope you will join us in supporting this important project.


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