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by Manomet, Inc.

Manomet is improving the management of four of the most critical systems supporting life on earth—economic, food, forest, and natural—and we’re working from the inside out. We engage the people that run the systems, leading the way to action, and ultimately, a sustainable future.

At Manomet, we believe people canyou canlive and work today in ways that enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow.

As Giving Tuesday approaches—December 1st—please mark your calendars to become part of the solution and join us in making a sustainable future a reality.

Ready to be Part of Giving Tuesday? 

Here’s how you can be part of Manomet’s Giving Tuesday:


Set your calendar for Tuesday, December 1st. Or don’t wait and donate today!

Our goal for Giving Tuesday is $2,000, and with your donation, we know we can do it.

Invite your friends & family to join you!

By sharing our E-newsletter with all of your social networks, or simply sharing this webpage, you will help even more people become aware of Giving Tuesday and all the important work Manomet is doing to help make a difference in our world.

Share your giving story with us! 

Why are you a Manomet supporter? How does Manomet’s work inspire you?

Please contact Assistant Director of Development Bridget Alexander at [email protected] or 508-224-6521508 ext. 226.

Thank you for being part of Manomet’s Giving Tuesday. Our work is possible because of you.




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